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We offer simple manual dispensers and high-speed dispensers for line installation. The standard range from Peyer Marking has a large number of options for variations.

Peyer Graphic AG offers you the ideal dispenser for every need, whether you want manual application of self-adhesive labels on a regular or only occasional basis.

Whether you need simple hand dispensers, robust table dispensers or convenient semi-automatic dispensers – use their potential for rationalisation and simplification of your work processes. You can rely on the quality and first-class service provided by Peyer Graphic AG



André Schmid
Sales manager
Peyer Marking Etikettenspender HERMA basic

Label dispenser

HERMA basic labelling machine

Peyer Marking Etikettenspender HERMA H500

Label dispenser

HERMA H500 labelling machine

peyer marking-handetikettierer

Manual label application

H 30 / H 60 / H 100 hand label dispensers

Peyer Marking Tisch-Etikettenspender

Manual label application

6020 / 6021 / 6022 table label dispensers

Peyer Marking Tisch-Etikettenspender LD 100 RS

Semi-automatic label dispensers

LD-100-RS / LD-200-RS / LD-100-S / LD-100-U / LD-200-U

Peyer Marking Tisch-Etikettenspender HERMA VS180+

Semi-automatic label dispensers

HS / VS 60 – 120 – 180

Peyer Marking Tisch-Etikettenspender HERMA H100

Semi-automatic label dispensers

HERMA 100 / 80 and 160